Jacques Brautbar

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Though I began my music career as a songwriter, I am classically trained as an undergraduate at the Thornton School of Music at USC. I love to combine traditional orchestral colors with the palates of etherial artists like Radiohead, Pink Floyd and Brian Eno. Recently I am exploring minimalism in orchestral and electronic writing.

My favorite film scores include "Oblivion," "The Hours," "The Empire Strikes Back," "Scarface," and "Aliens," and some of my favorite records are "Ok Computer," "Wish You Were Here," and "Achtung Baby."

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and I began my professional music career at the age of fifteen as a founder, guitar player, arranger and songwriter for Sony recording artist Phantomplanet. While with Phantomplanet, I collaborated on the band's three singles,"Lonely Day," "Big Brat," and the theme song to the hit show The O.C, "California."

As a composer, I love to collaborate and I believe my prime directive is to connect emotionally the viewer, or "experiencer," to the narrative vision of the filmmaker, show runner, or game developer. Whether film, television, game or new media, my goal is to compliment and enhance the narrative to facilitate a deep connection for the experiencer with story.

Outside of USC I composed for and placed music with major ad campaigns and television shows. For a full list, email me!You can also check out my Wikipedia page! I still can't believe I have one.

USC credits include:

Cuddling with Strangers - Graduate thesis, 547

Mate - Graduate short, 508

Foodfellas - Senior Thesis, 480

Lullaby - Senior Thesis, 480

Staying Afloat - Junior Thesis, 310

Go Go Gebby Bathman - Junior Thesis, 310

Femme - Junior Thesis, 310

Staying Afloat -Junior Thesis, 310

Resigned - Junior Thesis, 310

Octobo - Graduate thesis game project

Southland - Graduate thesis game project

Mecha - Graduate thesis game project