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Ziyuan Yue


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Ziyuan Yue is a film and classical composer. Her musical journey began at the age of 3, when she started learning piano. She is a professional pianist and double bass player, and the former principal bass of the Shenzhen Youth Symphony Orchestra. With a profound musical background, she was admitted to the Xinghai Conservatory of Music as a composition major and learned classical and contemporary composition

As a composer, Ziyuan's works have been performed by the Guangzhou Orchestra, the Lingnan Choir and Loadbang. She recently won the second prize in the XIX DONNE IN MUSICA 2022 composition competition and the prize for the most outstanding student work in the collection of compositions for the Asian Youth Games 2021.

In the film music field, Ziyuan has composed music for many short films and animations. She has collaborated with the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, composing music for their visual and acoustic exhibitions.


Music style: Orchestral, Aleatoric, Romantic, Horror, Experimental, Oriental etc.

Favorite Movies: Ammonite, Kungfu Panda, Little Woman

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