Screen Scoring

Yeri Seok


Hi! I'm Yeri from South Korea. I hold both a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Korean Traditional Music Composition from Seoul National University. Since 2011, I've been actively composing and have had the pleasure of taking part in numerous concerts, album productions, and broadcasted performances alongside fellow musicians.

Drawing from my solid foundation in Korean Traditional Music, I enjoy fusing elements from Classic, Rock, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and various other genres. My passion lies in revitalizing existing music by presenting them in innovative ways.

My favorite movies are Avatar, The Dark Knight, How to train your dragon, Sound of music, Dances with Wolves, Saw, Parasite, and so on.

When thinking about the role of music in films, I believe that if the director gives the film its flesh and bones, then the composer breathes soul into it. That's how important music is. My goal is to make films come alive, and to laugh and cry along with the audience.

Embarking on my new journey at USC is quite a thrilling challenge, and I'm excited to learn and grow together through collaboration. Looking forward to connecting with you all!