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Vikrant Muthusamy

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Pronunciation: Vi-KRAUN-th Moo-tha-SAUM-ee

...or just Vik for business calls :)

Composing music has been my calling for almost a decade now. I have worked on many short films (over thirty at this point), and I have scored two documentaries for PBS.

My career started at UT Austin as an undergraduate music recording technology student. After I asked my music mentor Gary Powell for advice/insight on becoming a composer, he introduced me to a film professor he knew on campus - Nancy Schiesari. Little did I know this would lead to me introducing myself to one of her classes as a composer available for their next student project.

Within my first semester as a freshman, two of her students asked me to score their films. Eventually, the entire film school came to know of me and my services, as I would also pick up a second major in film.

My growing reputation convinced Nancy to ask me to compose the score for her documentary for PBS - Canine Soldiers: The Militarization of Love. The documentary aired on PBS by the time I graduated in 2017 with two bachelor degrees and a business certificate.

After two years of freelancing in Austin, in May of 2019, I did what so many of my fellow Longhorns did right after graduation - move to Los Angeles.

In LA, I would meet a lot of amazing creative people and continue improving my craft. I scored more short films and became a more seasoned music producer. In 2020, Nancy would ask me to score her next documentary for PBS - Citizens at Last: Texas Women Fight for the Vote.

While I was in LA, I also completed UCLA's film scoring certificate over the course of three years. It could've been one or two, but with the pandemic and remote learning having its limitations, I wanted to make the most of what UCLA could offer me through their in-person courses.

Towards the end of my time at UCLA in 2022, I decided to apply for USC's Screen Scoring program for the SECOND time. Originally, I applied back in 2019 before moving out to LA. However, I got rejected then.

Nevertheless, after four years of grinding it out in Los Angeles through various projects all the while with guidance from the people I met through UCLA, I believed I was a better composer.

As you can see, so did the good folks at Thornton. And, here we are.

To say that I'm excited to be here would be an understatement. I am looking forward to meeting more creatives and helping them tell their stories through music. We are all united in our curiosity for cinematic storytelling - no matter the medium.

Hope you enjoy listening!

Main website:

CRAVINGS - a short film I scored for Get It Made:

My re-score of the Opening Titles for The Terminator (1984):

A fanmade trailer for the Tokyo Olympics (which I also edited), using one of my original pieces: