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Martinius Solum

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Hey, there!

My name is Martinius and I'm a composer and musician from Norway.

I love movies and I love music, and composing music for film is my way of being a film maker.

In order to compose the best music possible for your project, I always strive to push myself the extra mile to make something unique that's tailored to you. Wether it requiers a full orchestra or only synthezisers, that's up tp you. Tell me what you need, and I'll make it.

I've previously scored many short films and produced music for other artists as well as creating my own music as a solo artist. I have a bachelor's degree in popular music, attended a summer film scoring program in Siena, Italy, before moving to LA to study Screen Scoring at USC.

Special thanks to The Norway-America Association, for awarding me a scholarship for my Screen Scoring studies at USC Thornton.

Feel free to contact me at You can also reach me on Instagram @martiniussolum and take a look at some videos on YouTube.