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I hope you are very very well 👊🏻. Welcome to my space in USC Screen Scoring. I am a composer from Santiago de Chile 🇨🇱 and I am very grateful to he here. I truly believe that this will be one of my greatest experience of all my life.

As a film composer I truly believe that the best film music is the one that doesn’t call your attention… Hans Zimmer and all the composers has left the chat…

Wait! Haha, … film music doesn’t call your attention… but rather pushes you to place and maintain your attention on the picture. It happens to me a lot when I am watching a movie; I try to concentrate on the soundtrack, but suddenly I figure out that all my attention went to the scene and the story… (give it a try! how much time can you focus on the music before your focus goes to the story). That’s because the music is so well-done. It’s melded with the picture in such a way that constantly pushes you to the scene and the story. (Or maybe I am a very disperse person)

Now being serious. I truly believe that movies with good music looks better, so for me, my music will be for serving your picture. I am really looking forward to help you, so you can communicate your message in a better and powerful way. Movies can have a lot of impact on people, and I really would like to be part of projects that not only can entertain, but can leave a message for people to think about.

Please feel free to listen to my music and if you consider my work to be part of your project I am eagerly looking forward help you!

Felipe Moreno
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