Screen Scoring

Dannian Shu

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As a seasoned film composer, I possess a profound ability to seamlessly weave the language of music into cinematic narratives. My compositions go beyond mere themes; they serve as a conduit for storytelling, whether through a sweeping orchestral opus spanning minutes or a single, impactful note lasting a mere heartbeat.

My creative process is deeply rooted in collaboration with directors, where I delve into the core of the narrative to unravel its emotional tapestry. By harnessing the expressive power of music, I craft soundscapes that amplify the visual storytelling, underscoring every moment with precision and intention.

Born into a non-musical family, I embarked on a musical odyssey by learning the piano at a tender age. This unconventional journey, coupled with yearly excursions to diverse corners of the globe with my scholar father, has granted me a kaleidoscope of cultural influences that enrich every note I compose.

My academic pursuit led me to study Composition at the esteemed Shanghai Conservatory of Music and further hone my craft in Film Scoring at Berklee College of Music. These formative years equipped me with a comprehensive musical palette and a profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between music and storytelling.

Collaborating closely with directors, I orchestrate melodies that resonate deeply with the narrative's core. By thoughtfully melding my classical foundation with global inspirations, I offer a unique, evocative sonic experience that transcends boundaries.

In the realm of film composition, I am not just a composer; I am a storyteller, a translator of emotions, and a curator of atmospheres. Through my art, I transform tales into unforgettable auditory journeys, inviting audiences to immerse themselves fully in the magic of cinema.

I am an advocate for equality, raising my voice for minority communities, women, and the LGBTQ community. My journey of crafting music for the documentary "Alive," which starkly portrays the harsh reality of domestic violence against women, has illuminated the transformative power of music. It has dawned on me that music is a potent instrument capable of reshaping the world.

Feel free to email me: I'm looking forward to making something special only for your film.

The Little Match Girl, Shu Dannian from Dannian Shu on Vimeo.