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My name is Yaron Eigenstein, I am a composer and music producer for film, TV and stage productions, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel.

After graduating from the Jerusalem Academy of Music, I co-founded and served as Music Director for Koolulam, a global social-musical initiative aimed at bringing people together through mass-singing events and collaborative creative experiences (see video below!). With Koolulam, I not only had the opportunity to compose and produce music in a variety of genres and settings ranging from orchestral music to pop and EDM, but was also able to travel the world as an on-tour Music Director. My other work includes music for Israeli television, for the EA Apex Legends game franchise, and musical arrangements contributed to the 2020 NFL Super Bowl Halftime Show featuring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

I believe that the best (and most fun!) ideas are born through collaboration, and consider myself incredibly fortunate to be able to work alongside fellow creatives in telling meaningful, moving and inspiring stories.

Would love to work together!

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