Lukas Geppert

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LUKAS GEPPERT is a 22-year-old composer and producer from Bayreuth, Germany. Influenced by his educational background, Geppert loves modern, hybrid sound design, sampling, and sound manipulation. Despite his young age, he has proven his technical skillset and musical versatility on many different projects. Geppert holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Technology (University of West London) and is part of the Screen Scoring Class at the University of Southern California, Los Angeles (USC). Geppert's music is featured in several award-winning student films. He further was mentored by artists such as the legendary Thomas Newman or Oscar winning orchestrator Klay Shroedel. Furthermore, Geppert played in bands writing and producing local rock records. When he is not scoring to picture, Geppert is highly passionate about songwriting and producing cinematic rock/pop music.

Check out my work:

District B13 Rooftop Chase (Rescore)

No Time To Die Opening (James Bond Rescore)

Istanbul Chase (Skyfall) (James Bond Rescore)