Screen Scoring

John Parker

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Hi! My name is John Parker, and I’m a composer from Richmond, Virginia. I have a background as a pianist, percussionist, and violist and graduated from Indiana University with a degree in Jazz Studies. I’m thrilled to be here at USC with the Screen Scoring Program!

Scoring to picture always pushes me to engage more deeply as a musician and storyteller. Every project needs a fresh approach, which keeps me curious, constantly re-examining my process, and learning from fellow collaborators. I love working with a team to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts, and to that end, I feel that it's vital to ensure the score feels hand-crafted for the narrative.

Prior to USC, I have been working from Portland, Oregon as an orchestrator and arranger. I have also been a team member with Black Ribbon Pro preparing music for Disney and Warner Brothers recording sessions here in Hollywood.

My email is if you'd like to chat further. Thanks for stopping by!