Mateus De Castro Machado Freire


My Name is Mateus Freire and I'm from Brazil.

The passion of my life has been music since I was a child. Even in my tender years, I used to listen to music at home all day long and to sing songs and melodies along with my parents.

At the age of four, I started studying the violin. Soon I developed my skills and began to play by ear. From classical music to popular Brazilian songs, I gradually started to add my own ideas and feelings to them, thus exploring my creative imagination. I was fortunate to have a family that supported my passion for music and created an ideal musical environment that enabled me to begin composing simple melodies at a very young age. I truly enjoyed every minute of it. The violin was always my first instrument, but, as I enjoyed creating melodies, my mother encouraged me to start studying the piano at the age of twelve. This further increased my curiosity for new sounds and harmonies.

Studying the violin together with the piano helped me develop my composition skills, and at the age of 14 I began to write my first serious compositions and arrangements. What used to be a hobby became a habit and in the following years became my second job. Eventually I had the opportunity to write many different types of projects including musicals, theatre plays, concert music, and arrangements for famous Brazilian singers. On those projects I was able to work with all kinds of different ensembles from string quartets, to rock bands, to full orchestras.

My other biggest passion is cinema. I have always loved the movies as an art form and, specially, their soundtracks and how they can affect the scene and enhance the story. Movies like Cinema Paradiso, The Mission, E.T and many others marked my childhood and I always dreamed about being part of the process of making something so beautiful.

Although I had a stable position as a violinist and as a composer/arranger in Brazil, I decided to resign from my job at the Minas Gerais Philharmonic Orchestra and focus my efforts and all my time to achieve my goal to work as a film composer some day.

I am sure that, after completing the Screen Scoring Program at USC, I will be able to return to my native country fully prepared to contribute to our thriving film industry and to nurture the next generation of musicians by inspiring them as my own teachers have inspired me.