Alex Winkler

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I write music for movies. That’s what I love doing more than anything in the world. Well, more than anything except maybe watching movies. Film affects me on a deeper level than any other artform, even music itself. Only in film does the visual meet the aural in such an immersive way. We literally feel the way the character feels when we watch a film. We fear what they fear, we love who they love. So, my role as a film composer is much more than a job or even a just a fun thing to do. It’s my way of taking part in one of the most empathetic and invigorating movements in all of human history: making pictures come to life.

In my music, I seek the perspective of your characters first and foremost, and my diverse musical background gives me tools to sculpt this perspective. In my past, I've explored the many different musical worlds, from writing a full-length musical, to performing as a singer-songwriter, to working professionally as a jazz pianist/composer for years in my hometown Houston, Texas. The long and winding musical journey I've taken has led me here to L.A., eager to write music for YOUR movie.

Great films need great music. Let's work together.

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