Nathan Kelly

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Nathan Kelly is from NYC and went to Juilliard and U of TX. He's orchestrated for The Tony Awards, the Broadway musical CURTAINS (Kander/Ebb), singers Dionne Warwick, Sarah Brightman, Andrea Bocelli, classical composers PDQ Bach, Sir Andre Previn, and Nickelodean Television cartoons; and has composed for numerous short films at USC & NYU.

He is particularly interested in composing live music for real musicians and players with electronic scores that compliment and enhance the acoustic sounds. As a kid, he wanted to be an animator and especially would like to compose for any kind of animation projects as he hopes to work in this medium, but he can also write in a broad range from large, sweeping orchestra, cartoon, Philip Glass minimalism, comedy dramatic, romantic, or whatever challenge you can throw.

He's been a pianist in the pit of Broadway shows, The Rockettes, cruise ships, arranged for Grammy-winning singers, has publications, but most of all, likes to collaborate in film, TV, & games with directors in fresh, creative directions and is up for unique, new demands and relationships.

Recent movies are: every Pixar movie ever, Benjamin Button, Spy Game, American Beauty, Up in the Air, The Painted Veil, The Boy with Striped Pajamas, Breach, Michael Clayton, Crouching Tiger, Black Swan, How to Train Your Dragon, Inception, Shutter Island.

I'm always interested in working, so e-mail anytime or visit