Eric Schmidt

SCOR 503a

This class will explore a myriad of composition techniques that are invaluable in the film scoring “deadline” oriented work environment. It is constructed to allow the student maximum “hands-on” experience. We examine, in detail, the many different musical styles that a working film composer may be called upon to produce. The student will study and then produce a series of music cues in the style of classic Warner Bros and Disney animation, and contemporary film and television scoring. They will have an opportunity to record, with a live orchestra, an original composition of their own.

Two other components are also addressed. The first, conducting, will focus on the specialized techniques, methods and terminology that are present in a professional scoring session. The second area includes topics such as: sound-a-likes, temp tracks, pre-records, ghost-writing, and career management. Each student shall have numerous opportunities to present their work, in class, for evaluation by the instructor and other class members.


A one-on-one discussion about how best to approach a specific project(s) in terms of composition and harmonizing thematic material, then selecting an orchestra that fits the needs of the Director and Composer. Eric teaches SCOR 502 in the fall semester only. 15 weeks (2 units)