Eric Schmidt

SCOR 503a: Advanced Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television

This class will explore a myriad of composition techniques that are invaluable in the film scoring “deadline” oriented work environment. It is constructed to allow the student maximum “hands-on” experience. Each week the instructor’s lecture will focus on a specific style or genre and then the student will compose and sequence a cue that will be critiqued in class the following week. They will have an opportunity to record, with a live orchestra, an original composition of their own.

SCOR 599: Studio Conducting and Contemporary Score Analysis

This class focuses on two distinct aspects of screen scoring. The first: “Studio Conducting” will begin with an introduction to basic conducting techniques, followed by an exploration of how we adapt those skills to professional scoring sessions. The second focus: “Contemporary Score Analysis” is an in-depth look at outstanding scores from current television series and feature films that utilize a non-traditional approach to creative scoring.


A weekly, hour-long lesson and discussion on how to best approach the individual students class assignments and student films. Eric teaches SCOR 502 in the fall semester only. 15 weeks (2 units)