Alec Sievern

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Please enjoy the cues to the right, taken from various films and video games that I have worked on.

As a concert pianist turned film composer, I was drawn to the idea of creating musical soundscapes that best complement the ideas and emotions in film and games. I had built a large resume of piano performances across the country, including a solo appearance at Carnegie Hall, where I performed the stories and ideas of many of the world’s greatest artists. These interpretations triggered a desire to develop my own ideas. At the University of Notre Dame, I began composing for student films, where my love for storytelling furthered. I slowly began to experiment in the periphery by blending classical influence into modern musical techniques, creating a musical palate that attempted to discover previously unexplored ideas.

Since graduating in 2017, I have worked in the professional scoring world on short films and video games. I was selected to participate in the NYU Film Scoring workshop, where I had the privilege of recording my music with live orchestral performers.

Movies like Eighth Grade and Call Me By Your Name best demonstrate my love for film - they present unique stories that are relatable to each of us individually. My goal is to help achieve this level of impact in my collaborations with other passionate artists.

Summer Evening (from 500 Days of Summer) from Alec Sievern on Vimeo.