Preston Nowakowski

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About Me

I’ve always loved solving puzzles. As a kid, I was enamoured by the intricacies of jigsaw puzzles, Rubik’s cubes, and crosswords. While watching films I have always looked for clues and searched for deeper meaning. Naturally, I decided on pursuing a career in film music. I have been drawn to the intricacies of each story, and the way that music can channel more than what’s on display. Writing music has always been fun, but nothing has been more enjoyable to me than composing a piece that can be successfully felt more than heard, and tell a story.

Musical Background

I began playing drums and percussion in elementary school: playing in school bands, and learning to make music from pretty much anything you can hit. I started composing in high school, and learned to play the piano in order to diversify my musical vocabulary--joining jazz ensembles in addition to performing the usual classical repertoire. Since then, I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in Media and Commercial Composition from California State University Northridge, where I collaborated with student filmmakers and musicians. In the Spring of 2017, I was selected for the highly competitive Society of Composers and Lyricists’ Mentorship Program, where I had the opportunity to meet with many of the Music Industry’s top professionals. In addition to film music, I continue to explore new genres of music (most recently Irish Jigs and Traditional Japanese Shamisen music), and work with high schools around LA in composing music for their marching band shows.

CSUN Studio Orchestra- Spring 2016

California State University Northridge - Valley Performing Arts Center - 2015