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Godfather, Psycho, Titanic, Oldboy, Moonlight, and Pulp Fiction. There many more but what do they have in common?

My name is Perry and I am an award-winning graduate student, here to turn your hard work into dream work!

Modern audiovisual presentation is previously exploited content, making it harder and harder to find artistic value inside. I want to collaborate with you by finding the right tone for your work and experiment antithetic approaches that lead to greater opportunity of recognition in an ultra-competitive environment.

And to answer my first question, the motion pictures given above have memorable and impactful sound that cross predictable boundaries, yet are unified through dramatic alchemy. I think music truly is the bridge to inner emotional power and it is the only medium where a talented composer can unfold the psychological development that leads to completeness.

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                                 Fairmount Strings, Vanguard Strings, and Philly Pops performing 'Jerusalem'. Commissioned by the catholic communities in Philadelphia. Caplan Recital Hall in 2015.