Michael Shlafman

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I'm from Montreal, and I've been living in Los Angeles studying composition at USC for the last four years. I studied jazz guitar in Montreal before coming to LA, and have performed as a guitarist in a few jazz ensembles as well as in the pit orchestra for several musical productions.

In my time as an undergrad at USC I scored many student projects including 310s, 508s, Animation thesis projects, and games, as well as out of school professional projects including Geek and Sundry's LARPs: The Series, which has been viewed millions of times online. I also completed a minor in cinematic arts at SCA which gave me the opportunity to take classes in film production, editing, cinematography, and screenwriting so that I could better understand the film making process. When I'm not writing music I like to cook and binge watch Kitchen Nightmares, or go camping/hiking wherever I can around California. I'm looking forward to working on more student films/games this year, so please get in touch! I'd love to hear about your project.