Mark Garbett

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I am from Salt Lake City, Utah and have been living in Los Angeles for the past 4 years working with my band The Moth & The Flame. I have played in 47 of the 50 states. I have toured all of Western Europe, much of England, all the major cities of Canada and Singapore. I have toured and played with among many others Tame Impala, Imagine Dragons, Kings of Leon, Snoop Dog, Weezer, and Ryan Adams. I have played in front of as few as 3 people to as many as 8,000. I have recorded multiple albums. I’ve worked with Peter Katis, producer of The National and Interpol and Joey Waronker, member of Atoms for Peace. I have charted on billboard top 40 two separate times.

I studied piano most of my life. I love Chopin. I dabbled in oboe. I studied the mouring khuur (cello like instrument of Mongolia, while living in Mongolia). I can play guitar and native american flute. I have played synthesizers extensively the last 7 years. I love analog, fm, modular, pcm, and digital synths along with experimental interfaces like the monome.

I love film.