Rodolfo Iriarte Tortima

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Rodolfo Tortima hails from Rio de Janeiro, and has composed music for TV, including animations and advertisements, as well as for corporate clients. Last year he scored his first film Vazio, by acclaimed director Hsu Chien Hsin, which was shown on the festival circuit in early 2015. A classically-trained pianist, Rodolfo has extensive experience in sound engineer and also as a music producer, having worked on a wide variety of projects, from heavy metal bands to Brazilian funk projects and pop music. He has experience as a DJ as well, including for an illustrious fashion show headed by the notable British stylist designer, Jeffrey Michael. He has traveled extensively to many recording studios throughout the world, closely observing their engineers mix and master. These include Sterling Sound in New York City, Finnvox in Helsinki, and Baby Factory in Copenhagen, Denmark. Rodolfo earned a Bachelor's degree in music composition from the Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, having done a remarkable graduation, and now the composer studies Music for Motion Pictures and Television at the acclaimed University of Southern California."And I also have some hobbies that I love fishing, playing table tennis, walking my wonderful dog, etc"! :))